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Our Beginning-

In 1991, a simple stretching device to address a severe case of plantar fasciitis was patented.  Trademarked as The FootFlex, it was an adjustable toe-plate to be used to position in the Windlass Mechanism while stretching.  Over 2000 units were sold over a 5-year period before the patent and trademark were sold. During the time, numerous medical and physical therapy professionals indicated a Windlass Mechanism stretching device operating in the sagittal and frontal planes while also inverting or everting the foot would be of greater benefit for rehabilitation of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and chronic inflexible calf injuries.  After finding no product existed that would accomplish what was suggested years earlier,  we began in August 2012, the development of the DorsiFLEXTM.

Most clinicians recommend stretching but those stretching methods can vary significantly and often rely on non-standard materials (towels, frozen water bottles, balls, stairs).  We believe there is a significant, unmet need for consistent and effective treatment for plantar fasciitis that can encourage stretching compliance while successfully regaining ankle range of motion by positioning the foot in the correct biomechanical stretching position employing the Windlass Mechanism while selectively inverting, or everting the foot in a controlled, measurable, repeatable, leveraged, weight-bearing, and adjustable stretching protocol.

U.S. Patent 9,364,382 issued June 14, 2016 for “Multi-planar device for stretching portions of a foot and lower leg.”  https://www.google.sc/patents/us9364382

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