Frequently Asked Questions;

What’s your return policy?

Our refund policy is under our guarantee.  If after 60 days it is not working for you or was just a good intention, return the DorsiFLEXTM to us and we will refund to you the cost of the product.  Mailing costs to and from are not included in the refund policy.

Why is there no hole at Position 5?

Position 5 is the 50 degree angle.  There is no hole there because a hole would have lowered the angle resulting is very little difference between the angle using Hole 4 and Hole 5.

What are the Sagittal Plane degrees provided?

Hole 1-            20 degrees       Sagittal Plane
Hole 2-            33 degrees       Sagittal Plane
Hole 3-            40 degrees       Sagittal Plane
Hole 4-            45 degrees       Sagittal Plane
Hole 5-            50 degrees       Sagittal Plane

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