“After 11 months of trying TENS units, cold laser, ice therapy, traditional stretches, steroid shots, orthotics, massages my next option was surgery.  ….I now have a winning strategy to manage my plantar fasciitis with an anti-inflammatory diet to reduce underlying inflammation and regular use of the DorsiFLEXTM to stretch.  In just 2.5 months I have gone from needing surgery to barely noticeable pain.  I am so thankful for your portable stretching device so I can make it a part of my permanent stretching routine.”   Julie Hellmann, Wilmington, NC

“Over the past 8 insufferable years, I have been to podiatrists, orthopaedics, had inserts, taken steroids, done deep foot massages, heat, stone therapy and spent thousands of dollars on shoes.  I have done everything prescribed except amputation!  ….Within 2 weeks of using the DorsiFLEXTM, I felt improvement in the pain levels in my heels.  After 4 weeks, I was back to a normal gait and I threw away my walker and cane.  …There is no way to express my thanks for your help.  I am walking normally and pain free.  Thank you for the DorsiFLEXTM.  Your price is a bargin!”   Brian Doby,  St. Paul, MN

“After a few months of CrossFit I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.  The physician gave me stretching exercises, prescribed icing, digging into the bottom of my foot with different balls, a sleep boot, inserts and orthotics.  Nothing worked. Internet “quick relief” methods did not work either.  I started using the DorsiFLEXTM to stretch in a more weight bearing manner before bed, in the morning, and occasionally throughout the day.  The DorsiFLEXTM gave me the ability to stretch portions of my foot I had not been able to stretch before.  Within 4 weeks, my pain was gone.”  John Sheperd,  Charlotte, NC

“I suffered for about a year.  I tried icing, traditional stretching, massages but nothing helped.  ….I began using the DorsiFLEXTM before I put my shoes on every day and before and after workouts.  Within a couple of week my plantar fasciitis was completely gone and it hasn’t returned.  Keeping the toes elevated at different angles while stretching my calf really worked!”   Kelley Wilber, Rock Hill, SC

“…After a few months of CrossFit, the doctor told me I had bone spurs in my heel.  The pain was unbearable.  ……I started using the DorsiFLEXTM daily for 15-20 minutes while doing other things.  It was very easy to use. ….I currently do not have any pain in my heel and haven’t for months.  I hope many other are able to experience this phenomenal product.”   Matt McQuade, Mint Hill, NC

“I began using the DorsiFLEXTM a few months ago and immediately felt relief from my Achilles pain.  I have noticed my calf muscles are stretched substantially more than with a common stair stretch or wall stretch, and I attribute this to the upward flex and muiltiple stretching angles.”   Robert DeMars, Rosemary Beach, FL

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